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Nuno is a graduate from Ryerson’s renowned Business Management Program in Toronto. His background in corporate sales has led him to excel in customer service, and account management. His training in construction and passion in building and design has led Nuno to spearhead the creation of En2.

Nuno’s focus is to provide his clients with comprehensible proposals, contracts and schedules. He guarantees the assembly of the best team possible to ensure the job meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

As a keen observer of the housing market, he uses his background to help articulate the vision you've got for your En2 home. He also brings to the table his own ideas and designs when reviewing potential projects with clients. Nuno’s enthusiasm for new technology in the construction industry keeps his ideas fresh and innovative.

In addition to his role as Construction Manager, Nuno is En2’s Chief Estimator. You can be assured that every aspect of your home has been subjected to the most rigorous costing and quality controls.



Originally from Portugal, Nuno was truly born a tradesman. Son of a carpenter, he was gifted from an early age with the skill of woodworking. With over 15 years of applied experience, only his hands complete the finishes that make an En2 home special.

With years of experience in contract and construction management, Nuno manages home building at En2, assuring that our customers get the home that they want, on budget and on time.

Nuno’s tremendous depth of experience in the construction industry will ensure that your new En2 Home is delivered to you in top condition. He also co-ordinates the completion of any warranty work that may be required. Nuno successfully leads a team of sub-contractors through the day to day operations, maintaining great working relationships in order to complete the project.

His management skills and ability to foresee any issues before they arise ensure that the project runs efficiently to meet crucial deadlines. This includes making insightful recommendations and proposing innovative ideas throughout the duration of the project. Nuno continues to build strong client relationships through his dedication and commitment to overall client satisfaction.