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Environmental Awareness


We are aware of the moral responsibility to build efficient, sustainable homes. EN² wants to be recognized as one of the few modern builders in the GTA focusing on the most advanced technology and materials. EN² homes incorporate features such as, spatial design, solar power, and home automation.


Sustainable materials, such as rubber roofing material, natural wool fiber carpet and wood floors are renewable resources and EN² standards. And, while a green roof not only minimizes energy, it reduces pollution and preserves our habitat; we see it as fresh approach with visually organic appeal.


When you build with EN², you don’t need to sacrifice your sense of style to live in a healthy, sustainable home. We make it easy for you to incorporate cutting edge environmental systems and product into every aspect of your new EN² Home.




Our team of architects, interior designers and construction professionals have come together to completely rethink the concept of the perfect home: Creating living spaces that reflect the uncompromising quality and modern style that is EN².